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Fundraiser Guidelines


Here at Blessed Bath Products, we like to keep it simple, and we want your fundraiser to be a success!!  We don't charge you a retail price and expect you to make sales at an inflated price.  It's not fair to you or to your customers!  Our profit comes from quantity at wholesale prices which allows you to sell the products at reasonable retail prices without gouging your customers.  Your customers, in turn, are able to buy more making you a fantastic fundraising coordinator.  


  • Planning Your Fundraiser:

Get things started by planning the purpose of your fundraiser, your financial goal, sales expectations, and the time frame of your fundraiser.

  • Decide on your date:  

You will need to choose a start and end date for your fundraiser.  It helps your sales reps to know how much time they have to make their goal.  Think about any upcoming holidays that you can incorporate into your fundraiser, such as Valentine's Day, Mother's Day Secretary's Day, and of course, Christmas!  Have your fundraisers remind their potential customers about any upcoming holidays for increased sales.

  • Register For a Fundraiser:

You probably already found the link to the Registration Form under the heading "Fundraising".  You can also fill out and mail the hardcopy form that came with your fundraiser kit.

  • Starting Your Fundraiser:

Pick a start date and send Blessed Bath your registration form with the necessary information.  We'll send you the sales brochures, order forms, and master sales sheet as soon as we receive your registration form.

  • Conducting The Fundraiser:

You will receive a Customer Sales Brochure for each fundraiser member and as many fund-raising order forms as your group needs.  At the end of the fundraiser, the Coordinator will tally all participant's sales into the Master Sales sheet or online database showing the number of each product ordered.  This can be printed for easier tracking.

  • Processing the Order:  

Your Fundraiser Coordinator will submit the Master List online, email, fax, or mail it to Blessed Bath Products.  The church or organization must allow two weeks for delivery of the soaps & lotions.  The soaps are packed in cartons of 36 products for each fragrance.  Lotions are packed in cartons of 24.  Any products that don't make a full carton will be combined into as many cartons as needed to get them all boxed.  

  • Payment:

Full payment is due before shipment of the products.  Blessed Bath Products will only accept credit card payments from the organization.  We do not accept payments from individual customers.

  • Follow-Up Orders:

We allow up to ten days after the fundraiser is complete for additional follow up or add on orders.


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