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Goat's Milk Soap

Our hand-crafted artisanal soaps reflect the essence of Blessed Bath Products - beautifully made products that use only the finest, all natural ingredients.  Our soap is made w Our ith organically and sustainably farmed ingredients, and leaves the skin soft, refreshed, and glowing.  Each nourishing bar features goats milk from our own goats, saponified olive oil, coconut oil, organic sustainable palm oil, rice bran oil, shea butter, castor oil, sweet almond oil, fragrance & color (except Genesis contains Meadowfoam oil and no fragrance or color), and water.  There are a few soaps that contain fragrances because they are paraben free, the scent is light and clean, & people really like them.  There are no harmful additives.  Our exclusive soaps are made with all the goodness that nature provides.


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African Black Soap
6.00 USD

Black soap is made in Africa from the ash of locally harvested plants and barks such a plantain, cocoa pods, palm tree leaves, and Shea tree bark. The plantain skins give the soap Vitamins A, E, and iron. Our black Soap is 100% pure and authentic, guaranteed.

Anointed Goat's Milk Soap

Powerful & Spicy...A rich & warm aroma with patchouli, frankincense & myrrh, and a touch of spicy cinnamon. The holy anointing oil mentioned in the bible. Made with 3 milks & 3 butters.

Special Savings
Destiny Goat's Milk Soap with Ground Loofah

Soothing and Rejuvenating...The perfect balance of ginger blended with a hint of soothing amber and calming florals. Made with 7 oils plus Shea butter. Loofah added for gentle exfoliation.

Special Savings
Divine Goat's Milk Soap

Refreshing and Energizing: The natural herbal bug repellent of citronella combined with the sunny aroma of cool spearmint melaleuca. Made with 7 oils plus shea butter.

Special Savings
Eden Goat's Milk Soap with French Green Clay

Sweet and Exotic...A complex blend of grapefruit zest, succulent mango, and sandalwood. Made with 7 oils plus Shea butter and French green clay. French green clay is beneficial for exfoliating dead skin cells, removing impurities, and a great full body treatment to soften dry, rough skin.

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Faith with Rose Clay

Enticing & Irresistible. A delightful floral bouquet of rose, violet, and gardenia blossoms.
Many customer's favorite :D.

Special Savings
Genesis Goats Milk Soap

Genesis is a Bastile (made only with olive & coconut oils). This pure and natural goat's milk soap is unscented & uncolored specifically for sensitive skin.

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Grace Goats Milk Soap

Grace is made with 7 oils plus Shea butter. Delicious fragrance of ripe raspberries with enticing notes of dark plum and warm vanilla.

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Hope Goats Milk Soap with Ground Oatmeal

Exfoliating and Invigorating
Hope is scented with oatmeal, milk, & honey with finely ground Oats (Avena sativa). Perfect for people wanting a lightly invigorating soap. Oats can be used as a simple, safe bath additive for dermatitis and itchy, rashy skin. Very popular with both women and men.

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Jericho Java Goats Milk Soap

For the guys...Jericho Java. A citrus blend with infused coffee and musk, with comforting cotton and vanilla. Light ground coffee for exfoliation. Smells divine!

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Serenity Goats Milk Soap

Soothing Chamomile ~ Lavender Goats Milk Soap for total relaxation! Made with 7 oils infused with chamomile and calendula petals, plus Shea Butter. Scented with Lavender & Chamomile.

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Razorback Soap

Razorback soap scented with a delicious unisex scent.

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Free Loofah Soap Pocket with purchase of one of our gift sets!

Great for gift giving too :D



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